Ledelse Danmark

portrait photo James Coe

Country Manager
James Coe

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CEO og Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Rami Avidan

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Bild på Tomas Block

Chief Medical Officer,
Head of Incubator and M&A

Tomas Block

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Chief Legal Officer
Richard Wolff

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Chief Technology Officer
Ludvig Kolmodin

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Chief Commercial Officer
Cecilia Täkte

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Chief Product Officer
Ingrid Wistrand

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Bild på Jenny Styren Cambios ledningsgrupp

Chief Marketing and
Communication Officer

Jenny Styren

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Chief Financial Officer
Johannes Fabó

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Bild på Arash Noujoumi Giers Cambios ledningsgrupp

Chief Operating Officer
Arash Noujoumi

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Chief People Success Officer
Maria Nylén

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